Plan a Holiday in Brittany

Brittany is a good place to spend holiday. It is located in the northern France. This region is in the south of the English Channel and North of the Bay of Biscay. It seems fun to plan a Brittany Holidays. There are some reasons that make you want to visit it.

Why Brittany?

Brittany is a popular holiday destination in French. It will offer you satisfaction experience in spending your holiday. That is why you have to plan a holiday in Brittany. There are beautiful beaches, the endless sandy areas, and small coves. It is really worthy to visit. It is also can be the reference for you if you are still unsure to plan a holiday in Brittany.


Plan a holiday in Brittany is a good idea especially if you decide to visit it in summer. There are some summer festivals that you can see. The other thing is you can join the festivals and get the new experiences during your holiday in Brittany. The festivals are about dance, music, and culture. Besides having a good quality of holiday, you also can learn the culture of its area.

There are eight festivals that you can find in Brittany in the summer. The first named Les Vieilles Charrues. It is one o the biggest rock festivals in France. It is held from 16 until 19 July. The second festival named Festival de Cornouaille. It is to celebrate the diversity in Brittany cultures. It is held from 21 until 26 July.

The third is Fest Jazz. As the name implies, it is a jazz music festival. It is held from 24 until 26 July. The fourth is Jazz à Vannes. It is also jazz music festival and held from 25 July until 2 August. The fifth festival is Festival de Bout du Monde. It is also a music festival but what makes this different from the other festival is the location. It is held in the beach from 31 July until 2 August. The sixth is Festival Interceltique. It is to celebrate global celtic culture. It is held from 7 until 16 August.

The seventh is La Route du Rock. It is about American and British bands music festival. It is held from 13 until 16 August. And the last one is Chant de Marin. This is about sea shanty festival that held from 14 until 16 August.

According to these festivals, you can adjust your schedule to plan a holiday in Brittany. But come to Brittany in the summer will offer you these various festivals.


Beside festivals, the reason of why you must plan a holiday in Brittany is about the cuisines. This beautiful place will also offer you the unique foods from its region. Because of the geographical location, you will find many seafood choices. The examples are clams, scallops, fish, shrimp, oyster and the other sea foods. But if you do not like sea foods, you do not have to worry. There are still choices beside sea foods such as bread, ham, cheese, and egg.

It looks so fun right? Plan a holiday in Brittany starting from now. Brittany will not disappoint you.