Look for Signs he Wants You to be his Girlfriend to Avoid Future Disappointment

Women and men sometimes get into relationships for different reasons. This can lead to frustration when the woman wants a commitment and the man just wants a casual relationship. Because men aren’t adept at discussing their feelings, they may not convey their desires clearly. However, in some cases, they are very clear about their intentions and a woman simply ignores them because she wants to be his girlfriend.

As a woman, you need to know the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend so you can avoid wasting your time. Women who want to be in long term committed relationships can push a man to make a decision but they have to do it the right way to avoid pushing him further away. Nagging him about it or issuing ultimatums isn’t going to work for most men. If one of those strategies does get him to call you his girlfriend, the relationship isn’t likely to last very long.

Instead, women should have a discussion with the man they are dating and try to define the relationship. If he insists you aren’t committed to each other, let him know you may start seeing other people. This will have one of two effects. Ideally, the man you want to be your boyfriend will commit because he doesn’t want to lose you. However, he might not have a problem with you seeing other people. Although that might sting, it might also be a good thing in the long run. Knowing he would never be interested in having you as his girlfriend could prevent you from spending years in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

Women have just as much of a right to be in a healthy, loving relationship as a man. If one man isn’t willing to offer what a woman wants and needs, there’s another one who will. Of course, some women are fine with being in a relationship with a man who won’t refer to them as a girlfriend. There’s really no reason to put any pressure on the man if neither of them have a problem with the current situation.