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Some Facts about Bonsai Trees People who are into the art form of bonsai can attest that it is a wonderful, unique and relaxing peaceful kind of hobby when you take care of the plant. You can place these bonsai trees anywhere in your home or office because of their minute size, and they also give charm in your room. Students who want to start this hobby can get bonsai trees for sale to fulfil their desires. It is a fact that bonsai enthusiasts are driven to expand their bonsai trees collection once they have started the hobby. Bonsai trees have been around for some time and almost everybody would know when you mention the word bonsai. The Asian community started this practice and popularized this hobby, and now people around the globe are also practicing growing these bonsai trees. Know that bonsai trees are normal trees that are kept small because they are planted inside small containers and they are regularly being trimmed. A guide wire is always used in order to aid the tree in the direction that you desire it to grow, and this technique takes skill and knowledge for one to achieve great results. If you want to start a bonsai hobby, there are some matters that you should consider. First of all, you have to consider the cost of the trees and the supplies to maintain it. Be informed that if you want to buy bonsai trees, a beginning plant would cost around thirty dollars, and for larger and more mature trees, it would cost you around some hundred dollars. Usually, it is suggested to beginners to start with a smaller tree so that you will learn valuable experiences of the bonsai process, although some would also prefer to get the larger and mature tree immediately.
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Finding a good pot is your next move once you have found your tree, although most of the bonsai trees already come in a container. Bonsai tree usually comes inside its pot already, and so if you are planning to transplant it, better have ready a larger pot, but on the other hand, remember that bonsai pots are generally small to aid maintaining the size of the plant.
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Other important things to have ready and available once you have the bonsai trees are the fertilizer and soil, wherein you can get the best soil by combining inorganic and organic materials. You would need some bonsai tools too when going into this hobby, and these are the butterfly shears, a rake, wire cutters, and branch cutters. The common species that are used for bonsai trees are maple, juniper, jade, pine and elm. There are large selection of books about bonsai trees that beginners can use and you will greatly benefit to take the time to read about this new found hobby of yours.