Nature tourism destination in Malang

Tired of all office-related needs? Not only you, your child may also be tired of school. Not only you who need a vacation, but also your child. Trials, homework, stacked assignments every day, not to mention a busy schedule of lessons make your child almost unable to breathe freely every day. All must be pursued, your child is hunted on a schedule that makes him unable to play freely every day.

The occasional vacation feels very necessary for your child. In addition to getting closer to you and your child, vacation with family happy effects doubled. Your child will be more affectionate to you after such a pleasant holiday and you will be happy to make your family happy.

Planning a vacation with family is not difficult. You can choose tourist attractions that do provide a variety of interesting attractions for your child. A playground or swimming pool with a variety of water games must be instantly on your list. But, just that will not make your vacation with family to be satisfactory.

You need to come to a city that offers dancing entertainment for you and your child, from amusement parks and water parks that can make your kids content to play, a museum that can add to your child’s insight, as well as nature and culinary tours that can make your mind clear And full stomach. Yes, complete tour package you can get in Malang.

There are four places that can be the best option for a vacation with family in Malang. In addition to offering refreshing entertainment and natural beauty, the following places can also add insight into your child. So, your child can play while studying. Let’s see the review.

1. Museum of Transportation

Visiting the museum can be boring for some people, including children. If the museum visited only displays immovable objects lined up with writing that many mountain that it feels can not be read one by one, how not boring. But, not so at the Museum of Transportation. Experience the history of the conveyance will not be boring.

Founded on March 9, 2014, the Museum of Angkut offers a new experience in reading history. You will feel the 4D experience because the collections available are displayed nicely and equipped with the environmental background from which the vehicle originated. If you look at VW cars in the 50s, then you will feel like being in Europe, especially in Germany, in the 50’s! Museum Angkut does provide a collection of vehicles, ranging from the engine to the non-engined, traditional and modern, from Indonesia to the world.

By paying Rp60.000 on weekdays or Rp80.000 on weekends, you can already see various interesting collections at this Angkut Museum. Not so expensive considering the satisfaction and pleasure your child will have in this museum. Do not forget also to capture your moments with the family with a mobile phone at this Museum Angkut because if you use any type of camera, you will be charged a camera ticket for Rp30.000.

2. Wendit Water Park

Water park which was originally known as Wendit Baths Park is located in District Pakis. Wendit Water Park offers a natural bath and an artificial swimming pool that is sure to suit you and your family. Its natural bath has a depth of 2 meters with a normal water temperature, about 25o C. Its natural baths are believed to make anyone who bathe there ageless and long life.

Instead, in the pool he made, you can find a variety of interesting water games for your child. Your child can play skateboard, water in a giant spilled bucket, and just swim around the pool. If not satisfied, you can fold into the artificial lake that is there and try to wade through the boat or water bike.

3. East Java Park 2

If this one tourist spot, of course it certainly will not be missed in your holiday list in Malang. Jatim Park II is already very famous and has become a place most wanted to be visited by local and foreign tourists who are in Malang. By taking the concept of nature tourism, you and your family can enjoy recreation at the same time studying at the Secret Stone Zoo and Wildlife Museum.