5 Travel Tips To Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

About: Sunrise View from Penanjakan 1


Hike Holics or civilians especially those who have a hobby traveling, of course, already familiar with the name of Mount Bromo. One of the places that became the destination of foreign tourists in Indonesia.

If you have a lot of time in front of smartphones, laptops, or computers that have internet connection, it certainly will not be difficult to find information to travel on the Mount located in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.
In this paper downtownkansascityhotels.net want to share tips for you who have plans to travel to Mount Bromo.

  1. Personal Equipment

We start from personal equipment such as:

  • Jacket to reduce the cold mountain air
  • Gloves can be used as an extra cold-relief
  • Shoes are highly recommended because bromo tours include outdoor activities
  • Socks will further reduce the cold feeling in the early hours
  • Personal medicines
  1. Team Supplies

Of course traveling with family, relatives, and friends will give the impression more when traveling. But do not forget to bring the team like:

  • Flashlight can be used as a light when walking towards tourist spots like Penanjakan 1 to see the sunrise.
  • Cooking tools such as trangia will be very useful when you are in the spot such as Puddle 1 while waiting for sunrise. Actually in the area penanjakan 1 there are many stalls, but rather than having to go up and down to buy hot drinks, better make yourself in the spot you wait for the sunrise.
  1. Path Towards Places of Attraction

Many paths to go to Bromo Tour, such as from Malang via Tumpang (This line is still closed because there are improvements in Jemplang area. Estimates will be reopened early in 2016). From Pasuruan you can pass Nongkojajar or Warung Dowo to Bromo terminal via Tosari / Wonokitri. From Probolinggo you can pass the road Madakaripura Waterfall Tour to Sukapura Village.
If you use public transportation such as buses, either from Malang, Surabaya, Pasuruan or other cities, you can get off at Probolinggo Bus Terminal.
From the terminal continue the journey to the tourist bromo ride public transportation such as elves.
If you do not know enough, you can ask people who are around termminal, most would know. Obviously your goal is to travel on Mount Bromo via Cemoro Lawang.

  1. Lodging

For those of you who plan to stay at Bromo Tour, our suggestion for you who want to set up a tent, Penanjakan is a spot that We recommend.

For those who want to rent a place of lodging, we advise you to go through Probolinggo path to Cemoro Lawang Sukapura for distance to the spot to see the sunrise closer.
Many inns can be selected, of course for you who can not stand cold water should choose lodging that has warm water facilities.

  1. Tourism Transportation

For tourist transportation while traveling around Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, you can rent a jeep.
That is the way that is often used as a choice when you are traveling do not use a motorcycle.
For those of you who use private cars, go straight to Paguyupan bromo jeep rental terminal in the area when going into the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.
Or if you are afraid to run out of bromo jeep rental, you can see bromo jeep rental information at downtownkansascityhotels.net and make bromo jeep rental reservation.